A baby Torosaurus model is going to be reunited with the adult Torosaurus in a model set thanks to efforts from Everything Dinosaur. A customer had recently purchased the PNSO Torosaurus model set (Aubrey and Dabei), but unfortunately, the baby Torosaurus figure (Dabei) was missing from the set.

Having been alerted to the problem, team members at Everything Dinosaur set about finding a baby Torosaurus model and despatching this figure to their American customer.

PNSO baby Torosaurus model
The PNSO baby Torosaurus model, which is now on its way to a customer in the USA. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Busy Period for PNSO Model Sales

Usually, this oversight at the factory would be easily corrected, team members could simply despatch a baby Torosaurus model from their own warehouse. However, due to an extremely busy Christmas period for PNSO model sales, the PNSO Torosaurus Aubrey and Dabei set had sold out.

A shipment of PNSO models due to arrive shortly at Everything Dinosaur did contain more Torosaurus model sets, but team members decided to try and resolve this problem for the customer as quickly as they could.

With PNSO’s collaboration, a Dabei Torosaurus model was sourced from the next scheduled factory production run and rushed over to the UK.

PNSO Torosaurus dinosaur models (Aubrey and Dabei) in lateral view.
The PNSO Torosaurus dinosaur models (Aubrey and Dabei) in lateral view.

Baby Torosaurus Model

A cyber incident at Royal Mail had temporarily suspended all Royal Mail international mail being sent out to the USA from the UK. The announcement of a resolution to the problem coincided with the arrival of the baby Torosaurus model at Everything Dinosaur’s offices. Team members were able to contact the customer and arrange to despatch the parcel containing the dinosaur model.

PNSO Aubrey and Dabei (Torosaurus dinosaur models)
The 1:35 scale PNSO Torosaurus models (Aubrey and Dabei). The adult Torosaurus figure has an articulated lower jaw. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked the customer for their patience and commented:

“We had not come across this problem before, and with no more PNSO Torosaurus sets in our warehouse we had to wait until the next factory production run before a baby Torosaurus figure could be rushed over to the UK. Our thanks to our chums at PNSO for helping with this, the baby dinosaur will soon be reunited with its mother.”

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