A New Diorama Spinosaurus Versus T. rex

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Our thanks to prehistoric animal collector Maurizio who sent into Everything Dinosaur some pictures of his latest acquisitions. He has combined the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex carcase in the jungle colour scheme with the original Nanmu Studio Spinosaurus Supplanter to recreate an iconic scene from a famous dinosaur movie. In Jurassic Park III (2001), a huge Spinosaurus gets the better of a Tyrannosaurus rex in a fight. Maurizio has created his own homage to the T. rex and Spinosaurus fight from the Jurassic Park franchise.

Spinosaurus versus T. rex
A dinosaur model collector recreates a classic scene from the Jurassic Park movie franchise. The Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Supplanter Spinosaurus and the Rebor T. rex carcase in the jungle colour scheme. Picture credit: Maurizio.

Picture credit: Maurizio

Rebor Replicas and Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Models

Commenting on his composition, the collector stated:

“I received my latest order from Everything Dinosaur that included the Rebor green dead T. rex, and I thought I would share with you some photographs. Surprisingly, the 1:35 scale Rebor tyrannosaur scales perfectly with Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series first Spinosaurus model. The Tyrannosaurus rex figure can even be displayed under the foot of the Spinosaurus replica.”

Spinosaurus versus T. rex
Spinosaurus triumphs over T. rex. Picture credit: Maurizio.

Picture credit: Maurizio

Spinosaurus Versus T. rex

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that team members enjoyed seeing photos of the collections of dinosaur fans and commented:

“It’s a great composition, the combining of the two figures to commemorate a memorable scene from the third Jurassic Park film, which was released back in 2001.”

Spinosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus rex.
The defeated Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex (carcase in the jungle colour scheme). The T. rex figure can even be displayed under the foot of the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Spinosaurus model. Picture credit: Maurizio.

Picture credit: Maurizio

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Thank you for sending the pictures into Everything Dinosaur, thanks for sharing.