New PNSO Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

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Everything Dinosaur can confirm that they will be stocking the recently announced new PNSO Giganotosaurus dinosaur model. This new theropod figure is likely to arrive at the company’s warehouse later in the spring.

PNSO Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Giganotosaurus dinosaur model is due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur later in the spring (2023).

Lucas the Giganotosaurus

Team members at Everything Dinosaur think that this new figure will replace the original Lucas the Giganotosaurus model. Both replicas have the same declared scale, but the new figure looks to be a different sculpt and it is supplied without a display base.

Everything Dinosaur can confirm that the new Giganotosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw.

Lucas the Giganotosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.
Lucas the Giganotosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

The PNSO Giganotosaurus carolinii model is supplied with a transparent support stand. The box will also contain a 48-page, a fully illustrated colour booklet, posters and the packaging will also include a QR code permitting customers access to videos about the creation of the figure.

Giganotosaurus supplied with posters, colour booklet and QR code.
The PNSO Lucas the Giganotosaurus is supplied with extras including colour posters, an illustrated 48-page colour booklet and the box will have a QR code linking customers to videos about the figure.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur welcomed this new edition to the PNSO product range and stated:

“We expect to have the new Giganotosaurus in stock later in the spring, but first we have as shipment of PNSO Deinocheirus, Suchomimus and Therizinosaurus figures plus other PNSO replicas coming in.”

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