The Mojo Fun Deinotherium Model

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As part of the recent Mojo Fun prehistoric and extinct model range delivery to our warehouse, Everything Dinosaur received fresh stock of the popular Mojo Fun Deinotherium model. Recently, this prehistoric elephant figure has been given a new colour scheme, this new version replaces the older, darker grey colour variant replica.

Mojo Fun Deinotherium
Mojo Fun prehistoric animal model (Deinotherium).

Mojo Fun Deinotherium Model

The Mojo Fun Deinotherium model is just one of several prehistoric mammals that are included in the company’s “Prehistoric Life” model range.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“From time to time, a manufacturer will change the paint specification of a model and a new colour variant will be introduced. This is something that lots of model manufacturers do, it helps to freshen up a product range without having to go to the expense of developing a completely new figure.”

Mojo Fun Deinotherium
Mojo Fun prehistoric and extinct Deinotherium model. The Deinotherium model has been given a new colour scheme by the manufacturer.

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