The Fantastic Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon

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Everything Dinosaur has received a delivery of new Mojo Fun prehistoric animal models and figures and the new colour variant of the Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon is now in stock. This brown-coloured replica of an ancient relative of modern pigs (even-toed ungulates), replaces the earlier Mojo Fun Daeodon figure which was predominantly grey.

Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon
The new colour variant Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon model.

Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon

The sculpt is the same, but the colour scheme has changed, and this figure has already proved to be popular with model collectors and fans of prehistoric animals. The carefully painted model has the typical large skull of an entelodont, and the open mouth pose allows the large and robust teeth to be highlighted.

The model measures just under 13 cm in length and that impressive shoulder hump is approximately 8 cm off the ground.

Mojo Fun Entelodon Daeodon.
Mojo Fun Entelodont Daeodon model held in the hand. The hand helps to give a scale to this prehistoric animal figure.

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