Dinosaurs Help Children with Phonics

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, the UK-based dinosaur toy and model retailers have developed a number of teaching resources to help teachers and home educators.   Many of these resources are available as free downloads on the company’s dedicated teaching site.  Basic word recognition, word sounds and reading skills can be helped by utilising dinosaurs to demonstrate that learning can be fun.  For instance, a speech bubble situated adjacent to a picture of a dinosaur can help young children to consider what third parties might be thinking or saying.  This can also help when educators are exploring concepts such as empathy and feelings.

Dinosaurs Help Young Children

Dinosaurs Help with Phonics

Triceratops helps with speech development.

Exploring emotions and helping to construct sentences.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Free Teaching Resources

Many teachers have utilised Everything Dinosaur’s free teaching resources to help children learn using the phonics method.  The long names of dinosaurs can form part of a fun teaching text.  Lots of books about dinosaurs aimed at younger readers, contain helpful pronunciation guides and our team members can always be contacted as they are happy to help out.  The tongue-twisting nature of some dinosaur names can add to the sense of achievement when a name or phrase is said correctly.

With Foundation Stage children, when delivering dinosaur workshops in schools, we are keen to focus on developing an appropriate, diverse vocabulary.  Children like dinosaurs, things to do with the Dinosauria, such as their long names, to a child, can be exciting.  Useful to know when trying to motivate the next generation of readers.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that children seemed to have a fascination for dinosaurs and had no trouble pronouncing their long and often complicated names.

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