Children Provide Backdrop for Bullyland Dinosaur Models

Bullyland, the figure and replica manufacturer based in Germany are about to introduce their 2013 catalogue showcasing their products.  The company’s range is split into four sub-categories Animal World, Bullyland Prehistoric World, Figurine World and Comic World.  It is the Comic World range that handles the various licensed models and products the company makes.  Naturally, for us dinosaur fans, it is those models in the Bullyland Prehistoric World range that interest us the most.

Bullyland Prehistoric World

The colourful artwork that is shown at the beginning of each part of the Bullyland 2013 catalogue has been provided by pupils at a local kindergarten (school children), close to the Bullyland regional head quarters.  As Bullyland state in a letter written to Everything Dinosaur:

“The paintings lead into the product groups in an original and, as we think, very charming way”

At the start of the Prehistoric World section, the Bullyland Therizinosaurus Museum Line dinosaur is featured against a backdrop of an eerie, primeval landscape.

The Kindergarten Illustration of Prehistoric World

Cretaceous prehistoric landscape with a “Scythe Lizard”.

Picture credit: Regional Kindergarten

It certainly is a super drawing by the school children, our congratulations to them.  The Museum Line Therizinosaurus looks quite at home against this background, but we think it would have preferred to have had one or two more trees in the picture, upon which this herbivore could graze.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Bullyland Museum Line Dinosaurs: Bullyland Models and Figures (Dinosaurs).

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