More Potential Retirements from Bullyland

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A Number of Models due to be Retired in 2013

The new 2013, catalogue of Bullyland, the German based figure and model manufacturer will show a much reduced number of prehistoric animal models.  The retirement of the Arizonasaurus model had been announced sometime ago and reported on this blog site as well as across other social media sites managed by Everything Dinosaur team members.

Prehistoric Animal Models

However, it is likely that a number of other models from the popular “Museum Line” and “Prehistoric World” ranges will also disappear in 2013.  The Ichthyosaurus model, along with the replicas of the belemnite and ammonite will not be featured in the new brochure, strong indications that production of these models is to be stopped.  The Iguanodon model with its articulated arm is also not going to be present in the new catalogue.  This model was introduced in 2010 along with a replica of the fearsome South American predator Giganotosaurus.  A source close to Everything Dinosaur commented that although the Giganotosaurus was present in the latest Bullyland publication the Iguanodon was not there.

Absent from the 2013 Bullyland Brochure

Thumbs down for Iguanodon.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Bullyland “Prehistoric World”

Bullyland is going to introduce two new models to its “Prehistoric World” series next  year, prehistoric mammals in fact.  These models have been described as a maned Sabre-tooth tiger (Smilodon) and a second member of the Machairodontinae; a Sabre-toothed cat.  We at Everything Dinosaur are not sure as to the distinction, the Sabre-toothed cats as members of the Felidae are a bit out of our specialist field.  However, we are not sure about the description of a Sabre-toothed tiger, but with the number of Sabre-toothed Felidae predators to choose from; having a maned Sabre-tooth lion-like animal makes an interesting addition to the range.

New Models to the Bullyland “Prehistoric World” Range in 2013

Bullyland prehistoric animal models.

A pair of Sabre-Toothed cats new to the range.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

With the recent change in ownership of Bullyland plus changes in the distribution agents for the German based company, it seems that 2013 is going to be an interesting year for fans of Bullyland’s model ranges.

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