Everything Dinosaur Preparing for Christmas

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Banners Up and Visuals Created for Website

With just twenty-three days left to the big day, team members at Everything Dinosaur have just finished the banners that are now up on the company’s website, part of the promotional activities for the festive season.  Staff have spent most of the day packing and despatching orders to help ensure that there is no back log of orders at the warehouse, however, time was still found to finalise the visuals for the various banners that they can be found at: Everything Dinosaur all in a day’s work for the team.

Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website’s home page can have as many banners as team members like, but for most of the time they limit the number so that the site’s navigation does not get too confusing.  Many of the banners have links associated with them.  These links can take visitors to various parts of the Everything Dinosaur website,  to specific articles on this blog or other company social media.

One of the Everything Dinosaur Banners on the Website

Team members preparing for Christmas.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Monday 3rd December (tomorrow), is predicted to be the busiest day of the year for on-line retailers and time is running out for sending parcels overseas by Airmail to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas.  Each year, Royal Mail and a number of other postal services provide guidelines on the last appropriate posting day to send items overseas.  To view relevant postal information click the link below to be taken to an article written by our team members.

Last Posting Dates

Information on Christmas Post: Christmas Posting Dates.

For example, the last recommended posting date for Airmail parcels to the United States of America is Monday December 10th.

Everything Dinosaur Banner – Promoting Dinosaur Books for Christmas

Recommending dinosaur books for Christmas presents.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur