Everything Dinosaur Blog given Seal of Approval by Regator

Everything Dinosaur’s web log (otherwise known as a blog) has been reviewed by the editorial team at Regator and as a result our little blog has been approved for inclusion in their blog directory.  This U. S. based blog directory, has thousands of blogs, but only those approved by their own editorial team are permitted entry to their listings.  Everything Dinosaur team members are honoured to have had their blog site approved by this body.

Everything Dinosaur

Every site put forward for inclusion is reviewed by a member of the Regator team ( a human being, not a robot, spider or trawler).  Only well written, informative and frequently updated web logs are permitted entry to the register.  The Everything Dinosaur blog has been approved for inclusion in Regator’s paleontology section, (please excuse the American spelling of palaeontology).

Only a select few blogs out of the many millions of web logs are chosen.  Regator provides a directory resource that permits their visitors to view pertinent and relevant material that is related to their interests and from an approved content provider.

The Regator Seal of Approval

By picture (above) shows the Regator certificate of approval.  This certificate of approval has been awarded to the team members at Everything Dinosaur.

We would like to thank the team members at Regator who reviewed our blog and gave us the palaeontological “thumbs up” as it were.

A spokesperson for the award-winning, UK-based mail order company stated they were delighted with this accolade.  There are millions of blogs on-line, getting this approval was indeed an honour for the company.

Everything Dinosaur is proud to be included in this directory.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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