Best Selling Dinosaur Model Christmas 2008 – Number 2

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Tyrannosaurus rex – Second Most Popular Model Dinosaur at Christmas 2008

Tyrannosaurus rex, arguably the most famous dinosaur of all, is not the best selling prehistoric animal model at Everything Dinosaur for Christmas 2008.  It is however, the best selling dinosaur model of this festive season, but more about the most popular model tomorrow (without giving too much away).  After all, not every animal in the fossil record is a dinosaur.

Model Dinosaur

Although there are many models of Tyrannosaurus rex, and indeed we would estimate that this particular dinosaur has the most merchandise based on it, there are not that many fossils of this predator to study.  Less than 30 have ever been found of T. rex, most of these are only partial remains.

Despite the lack of real fossil evidence (especially when compared to the relative abundant data scientists have on animals such as the duck-billed dinosaurs), T. rex is still very popular and most museums strive to gain access to tyrannosaur fossil material.

Model of Tyrannosaurus rexDinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Indeed, most museum shops sell far more T. rex toys than any other prehistoric animal, but for Everything Dinosaur, the introduction of a particular prehistoric animal toy has changed things for this year.

Tyrannosaurus rex

The most complete fossil skeleton of T. rex was discovered by Susan Hendrickson on August 12th 1990, over 80% of the bones associated with this animal were found.  This dinosaur was nicknamed “Sue” and was sold at auction for the world record amount for a fossil of $8.36 million dollars.