Super Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toys Prove to be Popular

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Soft Toy Dinosaurs – Soft and Cuddly Tyrannosaurus rex

When it comes to dinosaur soft toys, one of the most popular of the prehistoric plush that we supply at Everything Dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus rex soft toy.  Hand-crafted and sponge washable, the T. rex soft toy is very cute and cuddly and it certainly appeals to young dinosaur fans.

Cute and Cuddly Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toy

Soft and cuddly T. rex soft toy.

Soft and cuddly T. rex soft toy.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toys

The dinosaur soft toy (pictured) stands over thirty centimetres tall and at Everything Dinosaur we send out a T. rex fact sheet with every single one we supply.  Sales of this dinosaur help support the Natural History Museum (London).

The company stocks a wide range of prehistoric animal plush, including dinosaurs, marine reptiles and pterosaurs.

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