Best Selling Dinosaur Models at Christmas – Number 5

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Top Selling Dinosaur Models at Christmas – Some surprises in the Mix

The addition of a range of new and exciting prehistoric animal models to the Everything Dinosaur range in the Autumn has proved to be a big success.  At first many of our team members were a little sceptical when we first got involved looking at the prototypes for dinosaurs such as Neovenator and Eustreptospondylus, but it seems that dinosaur fans have a taste for the more exotic and unusual models.

Dinosaur Models

Just for a bit of fun we have monitored sales of dinosaur models over the weeks leading up to the Christmas period and over the next few days we will publish details of the top five best sellers.

5).  Spinosaurus – models of Spinosaurus, a meat-eating dinosaur from the Cretaceous are always popular and with the introduction of the Schleich Saurus model, Spinosaurus models and toys have been selling well enough to enter our top five.

A Typical Model of Spinosaurus

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur


Spinosaurus, a dinosaur that has featured several times in our annual survey of the most popular prehistoric animals.  It seems that new model dinosaur sets are not complete unless they include a model of a Spinosaurus.

To view a model of Spinosaurus and other theropod dinosaur models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.