Beautiful Albertosaurus (Safari Ltd)

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Albertosaurus Dinosaur Model

One of our favourite models of tyrannosaurs from northern Laramidia.  A wonderful replica of the tyrannosaur known as Albertosaurus (fossils found in Alberta Province, Canada).  At Everything Dinosaur, we research and write our own dinosaur and prehistoric animal fact sheets.  Buyers of Albertosaurus models and figures (and most other prehistoric animal models for that matter), from our website also receive a fact sheet about that animal.  The fact sheets explain some of the science and research behind the extinct creature.

An Albertosaurus Dinosaur Model (Safari Ltd)

A Model of Albertosaurus (Safari Ltd)

Carnegie Collectibles Albertosaurus dinosaur model.  This dinosaur model has been retired and is out of production – update.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Albertosaurus Dinosaur Model

Safari Ltd make a wide range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed replicas.  The company’s scale model range of which Albertosaurus is part, is very collectible.

To view the range of Safari Ltd models available from Everything Dinosaur and other prehistoric animal replicas and figures: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

The Carnegie Collectibles Albertosaurus dinosaur model is a scale model of this Late Cretaceous meat-eater.  Update – the Carnegie Collectibles range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures has been retired and is out of production (2014).