Suggestions for New Prehistoric Animal Models

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New Dinosaur Model Suggestions Sent into Everything Dinosaur

Amongst the many emails, feedback forms and letters received by Everything Dinosaur team members each day, we often get suggestions from dinosaur model fans about what new prehistoric animal models they would like manufacturers to make.  We get two types of suggestion, ones aimed at certain manufacturers such as Papo, Collecta, Safari Ltd and so on and another type of suggestion that comprises a list of the sort of prehistoric animals that the person would like to see.

An example of the latter is an email received just the other morning which listed a top three of new prehistoric animal model suggestions:

1). Giganotosaurus dinosaur model

2). Saurophaganax

3). Dimetrodon with a bright red sail

Collecting Prehistoric Animal Model Suggestions

Part of the Collecta range of animal models.

Part of the CollectA range of animal models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Suggestions for Prehistoric Animal Models

We are grateful for all the dinosaur and prehistoric animal model suggestions that we receive.  We can promise readers that they are all read and shared by our team members and we do submit product suggestions on behalf of readers to the model and figure makers.

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