Helpfully Demonstrating Dinosaurs Growing up Using New Dinosaur Models

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Juvenile Dracorex Dinosaurs

One of the rewarding things that team members at Everything Dinosaur can do is to use dinosaur models to show young dinosaur fans what we think juvenile dinosaurs looked like.  As dinosaurs grew so they changed, developing characteristics such as horns and crests that are associated with mature adult animals.  To illustrate this point, we choose to use our photoshop skills to modify an image of the Wild Safari Dinos Dracorex dinosaur model.  In this way, we could demonstrate ontogeny in prehistoric animals.

Dracorex – A Mature Individual with a Juvenile

Dinosaur models show

Dinosaur models show different growth stages (Wild Safari Dinosaurs).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The adult in the foreground is larger, the scutes more pronounced and prominent.  The cheek colours are much brighter along with the yellow throat pouch, these are signs that this is mature adult ready to breed.  The much smaller juvenile lacks these features, the ornamentation on the head is very underdeveloped in comparison with the adult.  In this way, Dracorex dinosaur models can be used to illustrate aspects of the ontogeny of the Dinosauria.

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