The New Young Explorers Kit – Dinosaurs

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Start Exploring Dinosaurs Activity Pack

Uncover some of the secrets about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals with this fun-filled and educational “Explore Dinosaurs Activity Pack”.   This new Dinosaur themed kit contains lots and lots of activities, there is a giant Tyrannosaurus rex poster, the chance to design your own dinosaur stickers, make dinosaur trading cards and even the opportunity to come up with your own new species of prehistoric animal.

Young Explorers Kit

The kit comes in a handy box and contains everything required to complete the tasks, including paint brush, watercolour pencils, pencil sharpener and even an eraser (to help make your mistakes extinct).  This American designed set even comes complete with a 16 page palaeontologist’s handbook with lots of information and facts about dinosaurs.

The Start Exploring – Discover Dinosaurs Activity Kits

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In total there are 11 different posters featuring a variety of monsters from the Mesozoic, on test with our families and focus groups this kit has proved very popular.  Favourite items included the giant Tyrannosaurus rex poster to colour in – great for bedroom walls and the 3-D model of a meat-eater.  Art supplies are included in the kit, so it is a kind of self-contained activity centre of  young palaeontologists, there is even a little booklet that advises on different art techniques to try.  It is a great addition to the Everything Dinosaur toys and gifts range.

To see the kit and other craft items: Visit Everything Dinosaur.