Providing Assistance to the Parents of a Graduate – Quetzalcoatlus

Our team members tend to get a lot of emails and letters, we try our best to respond to all those that require a reply.  One of the more unusual requests for assistance received by Everything Dinosaur involved a graduate, geologists and azhdarchid pterosaurs.

Everything Dinosaur

Genny Marcus Haskins has just graduated with a degree in Wildlife Conservation – our congratulations to her.  Her parents, Sue and Roger are both geologists.  When Genny was born, instead of a stork being depicted on cards announcing the birth of their daughter, Sue and Roger decided that it would be more appropriate to illustrate Genny’s arrival with a pterosaur carrying their little bundle of joy in its jaws, rather than the traditional stork.

Graduation Card

When Genny graduated from high school, a geologist/artist friend revised the non-stork/pterosaur image providing an updated picture of a flying reptile.  As Genny aged, so pterosaurs evolved – that was the general idea.  So when Genny graduated with her degree, it was necessary to find a picture of another, later type of flying reptile and the Quetzalcoatlus, one of the last of the pterosaurs (Maastrichtian faunal stage), and one of the largest known was selected.

Genny’s Unique Graduation Card

Keeping up with the evolution of the Pterosauria.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Sue Marcus and Roger Haskins

The picture above shows the graduation card that team members at Everything Dinosaur helped design.  We were happy to help out these geologists from overseas, although we are not sure how we managed to have a Velociraptor photographed lurking behind the card, with all the dinosaur toys and games we have, we suppose that this was always going to happen.  Still Genny is in no danger, she can always escape by taking to the air.

Glad to have helped out, from all of us at Everything Dinosaur, good luck with the job hunt Genny.

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