Schleich “World of History” T. rex Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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New Tyrannosaurus rex Model from Schleich of Germany

There has been a lot of interest in Schleich’s new, not-to-scale dinosaur model series that was introduced a few weeks ago.  This range sits halfway between the smaller “dinosaurs” range and the scale model series known as “Saurus”.  Schleich has modified and changed the designs for the twelve models that they have introduced. One of the new figures introduced is a new Schleich T. rex model.

Everything Dinosaur team members produced a brief video review of one of the new sauropod models (Brachiosaurus), this can be seen here: Brachiosaurus Model Reviewed.

Schleich T. rex Model

The theropods featured in this range all have articulated lower jaws, below is the first of our reviews of these models, a review of the re-vamped Tyrannosaurus rex replica.

A Review of the Schleich “World of History” T. rex Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Schleich Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this short, five minute video we comment on this new interpretation, discuss the colouration and the addition of an enlarged skull crest and dermal armour.

It is great to see a new replica of T. rex added to the impressive prehistoric animal model range made by Schleich.

To view the extensive Schleich range of prehistoric animal models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly and award-winning website: Schleich Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.