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How to Fly on a Pterosaur

At Everything Dinosaur we get lots of emails, letters and drawings from people with an interest in dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  We do our best to respond to them all, helping where we can and supplying information and advice.  We get a number of what might be regarded as rather unusual requests, usually related to dinosaur toys and games for example, Susan from Virginia (United States), contacted us yesterday with a plea for help.

Everything Dinosaur

This is what she wrote :

“My husband and I are both geologists, so, when our daughter, Genny, was born, we had a friend/colleague do a cartoon of a Pterodactyl (instead of a stork) bringing the baby.  When Genny graduated from high school, he managed to paste her head on a later (more evolved, get it?!) version of a pterosaur.  After many gray hairs on our part, she has just graduated from college.  She has no interest in becoming a geologist, though she’s become accustomed (or maybe inured) to my humour.  I would love to have her announcement card showing her riding the Quetzalcoatlus (she selected the image she liked).”

Having selected an image of an azhdarchid pterosaur – the Quetzalcoatlus that was one on display at the Everything Dinosaur on-line shop, Susan then had the problem of creating the image of her daughter riding the flying reptile.

Although our team members would be the first to admit that they are not experts at Photoshop CS5, but yesterday evening they had a go and produced the image below which they then emailed over to Virginia.

Flying A Pterosaur – Graduating to Success

Image created for Susan by Everything Dinosaur team members.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 Congratulations to Genny for graduating and we wish Genny and her parents every success.  Now back to our dinosaur toys and games.

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