Schleich “World of History” Velociraptor Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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Video Review of New Schleich Velociraptor Model

Slowly but surely we are getting the promised video reviews of some of the new prehistoric animal models that have been released this year completed.  Below is Everything Dinosaur’s review of the new Velociraptor replica produced by Schleich as part of their “World of History” model series. Everything Dinosaur reviews the Schleich Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Schleich Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

Like the other theropods in this range, Velociraptor has an articulated lower jaw.  It is intriguing to see a new replica of this Asian predator from the Late Cretaceous without any feathery covering.

The Everything Dinosaur Video Review of Velociraptor

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Schleich Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

There are a number of Velociraptor replicas on the market at the moment, most of the newly released ones have a covering of shaggy proto-feathers.   This model, made by Schleich of Germany bucks this trend, but there are hints of feathers on this replica – this five minute video explains.

The new Schleich Velociraptor dinosaur model is a welcome addition to this model series “World of History”.  A range of dinosaur, pterosaur, marine reptile and other prehistoric animal figures that has recently been expanded.

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