A Review of the New Bullyland Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

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Colourful Spinosaurus added to the Museum Line Dinosaur Range

Since its appearance as a super-predator in the film “Jurassic Park III”, the popularity of Spinosaurus has risen immensely. Dinosaur model collectors have been able to choose from a wide range of different Spinosaurus replicas as most of the major figure and model manufacturers have added it to their model ranges. Team members at Everything Dinosaur Review the Bullyland Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Bullyland of Germany have entered the fray with their interpretation, adding a 1:30 scale replica of Spinosaurus (presumably Spinosaurus aegyptiacus) to their to-scale, hand-painted Museum Line model range.

Bullyland Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

The Bullyland “Museum Line” Spinosaurus Replica

A colourful interpretation of “spine lizard”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is surprising that Bullyland have taken so long to include a model of a Spinosaurus in their dinosaur model range, after all, this dinosaur, whose fossils have been found in both Egypt and Morocco is synonymous with German palaeontology.  The first fossils being discovered by a German exhibition to an area of Egypt some three hundred kilometres south-west of Cairo (Bahariya Oasis). This expedition was led by Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach, a German palaeontologist and geologist who was responsible for naming Spinosaurus, the name means “spine lizard”.  Mystery still surrounds this strange dinosaur as the original and best preserved bones were destroyed in a bombing raid on Munich in WWII.

Although scientists are unsure whether the fragmentary fossil material discovered to date represents one or two species, it has been claimed that Spinosaurus is the largest known meat-eating dinosaur known.  Some estimates give this huge, Cretaceous predator a length in excess of seventeen metres, making this dinosaur much larger than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Model Measurements

The Bullyland model measures twenty-nine centimetres in length and if we take the 1:30 scale measurement this indicates that the German design team believe that this animal reached lengths of around nine metres.  Spinosaurus may be a little under represented in terms of size by the German sculptors but this is probably due to the practical need to produce a stable model that stands on its two hind legs, rather than a serious re-calculation of the true size of this spinosaurid.

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The model is painted an attractive reddy/brown colour with a white underneath that contrasts well with the bright red sail that is found on this animal’s back and for which Spinosaurus was named.  The long, narrow jaws are accurately depicted and in this particular model, the lower jaw is articulated so the model can be posed either mouth closed, mouth open or part way in between.  The designers have been careful to add a small crest between the eyes, again reflecting with some accuracy the known fossil material.  The paint job is completed by giving this dinosaur model a series of black stripes that run down the body to the limbs and to the very tip of the tail. This gives this particular dinosaur a very fearsome appearance.

Bullyland Dinosaur Model with Articulated Lower Jaw

Moveable jaws on the Bullyland Spinosaurus dinosaur replica.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The new Bullyland Spinosaurus dinosaur model is an interesting interpretation of this prehistoric animal.  This sturdy model is ideal for young dinosaur fans as it will stand up well to robust, creative play.