New Papo Baby T. rex Models

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Baby T. rex Models from Papo by Everything Dinosaur

The new Papo baby Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur models have arrived at Everything Dinosaur.  These are the last of the tyrannosaurids to be added this year by the French manufacturer who have introduced a total of four T. rex models into their “Les Dinosaures” figure series.

The Papo Baby T. rex Models

Baby T. rex models from Papo.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Baby Tyrannosaurus rex

As well as a new brown version of their standing T. rex model, Papo introduced a “running T. rex” replica, both these models came out in February, the babies; or should that be hatchlings, are the latest additions along with one more model, a large replica of the sauropod Brachiosaurus due to be launched in July.

Like the adult T. rex models, the babies have articulated lower jaws, although the mouths do not open as wide as with other Papo figures.  As these dinosaurs have been sculpted looking up, perhaps seeking food or protection from a parent, team members at Everything Dinosaur used their photoshop skills to have our newest recruits to the Papo model range studying the Everything Dinosaur logo.

Papo prehistoric animal models: Papo Dinosaur Models and Figures.

Dinosaur enthusiasts can now re-create their own version of the new Tyrannosaurus exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum – they can create their own family of tyrannosaurs with these exciting and beautiful Papo replicas.

A spokesperson from the award-winning, mail order company Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We are delighted to receive these two Tyrannosaurus rex models into stock.  The models are the same sculpt but the colour schemes are different.  We have a green baby T. rex and a brown baby T. rex.”