New Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model from Schleich

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New “Arm Lizard” Model from Schleich

As well as a model of the Apatosaurus, a second sauropod has been included in the new Schleich “World of History” prehistoric animal model range – a replica of the huge dinosaur known as Brachiosaurus. A Brachiosaurus dinosaur model is being added to the Schleich prehistoric animal model range.

Brachiosaurus was named in 1903 by the palaeontologist Elmer Riggs, the name means “arm lizard” as the fore-limbs of this Late Jurassic dinosaur were longer than its hind-limbs.  Brachiosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs, scientists have estimated that this dinosaur could have weighed up to fifty tonnes in weight and measured more than twenty-three metres in length.  The new “World of History” Brachiosaurus model from Schleich, the German based figure manufacture measures approximately thirty centimetres in length.  This suggests that this particular replica is about 1:75 scale.   If this is the case, then this Brachiosaurus works well with the Apatosaurus model in this series as this model too, is approximately 1:75 scale.

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

Early images of this new dinosaur model, released by Schleich suggested that the colouration would be a combination of dark and light brown stripes, but with the finished models the colour scheme has been toned down.  There is still evidence of stripes running down from the long neck to the tip of the stubby tail but they are muted.

The Brachiosaurus “World of History” Dinosaur Model

“Arm Lizard” replica from Schleich.

Palaeontologists have speculated as to where on the relatively small head of Brachiosaurs the nostrils were located.  The model makers at Schleich have located the nostrils at the top of the head, this is in keeping with current scientific thinking.  This is an excellent feature of the new Brachiosaurus dinosaur model from Schleich.

The muscular neck is not held vertically in what is often called the “swan neck” position, but the neck and the head is angled forward, making this model a little less tall than it would be if the head was held vertically aloft. Even so the head is over twenty centimetres off the ground.

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The sturdy legs give the model plenty of support and the impression of heavy animal has been created by the designers.  The skin texture is roughened and highly detailed, looking a little similar to the skin seen on large, land animals today such as the African elephant.   The tail is relatively stumpy and short but the model is well proportioned and provides an accurate impression of what this giant reptile may have looked like based on the fossil evidence.

The new Brachiosaurus model from Schleich is robust and well-made, it will help young dinosaur fans learn through creative play as well as being popular with model collectors.