A Dinosaur Letter – An Example of Creative Writing

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Team members were going through their image archive when they came across a beautiful dinosaur letter. The letter had been sent into Everything Dinosaur by a girl called Emma. Emma was a pupil at Streethouse Primary school when Everything Dinosaur visited in November 2017.

Team members were invited into the school to work with the Key Stage 2 class for a morning. The workshop provided a provocation for the term topic. Over the course of the morning, we challenged the children to have a go at a variety of extension activities.

A Dinosaur Letter

Year 5 and Year 6 children and their letters to Everything Dinosaur
Cursive writing on display from Year 5/6.

Picture credit: Emma from Streethouse Primary School

We remember visiting the school back in 2017. It was a pleasure to meet such enthusiastic pupils.

In Emma’s letter she thanked Everything Dinosaur for the school visit and stated:

“You made me more confident in answering questions.”

The Key Stage 2 pupil went onto add:

“Thank you so much for being inspiring.”

Our thanks to Emma for her wonderful comments.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.