New PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus Reviewed

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Our thanks to William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus dinosaur model.

William commented:

“The moment I saw the PNSO preview I thought there’s a very handsome figure. Love the superb and robust Daspletosaurus head sculpt with a fully articulated jaw and very intelligent eyes deep in the lacrimal crests. A giant thank you to Everything Dinosaur.”

PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus

William describes the body as “stunning” and praises the skin texture. He highlights the longer Daspletosaurus arms and legs and comments that this was a graceful, apex predatory dinosaur. The PNSO Daspletosaurus reflects the variety of Late Cretaceous tyrannosaurs within the Tyrannosauridae.

As the reviewer goes on to add:

“There is more than just the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex out there.”

The PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus model is supplied with a variety of accessories.
The PNSO Cole the Daspletosaurus model is supplied with a poster, a full-colour booklet and a support stand.

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Commenting on the Colour Scheme Chosen

William comments on the chosen colour scheme for this theropod dinosaur. He states that the dark to light body striping is very natural. He further adds that no big predator would be garish in colour.

Concluding his review, the PNSO model is summarised:

“Cole was a true must have to add to my stable and I had no worries from the moment I first saw him to the moment of purchase.”

William is looking forward to the arrival of two new PNSO tyrannosaur figures. The PNSO Albertosaurus and the Gorgosaurus figures are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur next month (September 2023).

Our thanks to William for sending in his PNSO Daspletosauru dinosaur model review.

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