PNSO Cameron the T. rex Reviewed

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Our thanks to William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the PNSO Cameron the T. rex figure.

In the review, William explains that this model is one of the most accurate tyrannosaur figures available. It is much more realistic than the movie model versions.

PNSO Cameron the Tyrannosaurus rex
The PNSO Cameron the Tyrannosaurus rex replica in lateral view.

PNSO Cameron the T. rex

William comments that the majority of the reconstruction of “Cameron” is based on a T. rex specimen known as “Sue”. This tyrannosaur fossil specimen is on display at the Chicago Field Museum (specimen number FMNH PR 2081). The lacrimal crests bear a resemblance to another T. rex specimen nicknamed “Stan”. The “Stan” specimen is formally referred to as BHI 3033.

The PNSO Cameron the T. rex figure has an articulated jaw.
The PNSO Cameron the T. rex figure has an articulated lower jaw.

A Tyrannosaurus rex Figure is Praised

The model reviewer stated that from tip to tail the PNSO T. rex was perfection. The colour of the skin and its texture was praised. This was an apex predator.

William commented:

“He is no upgrade. He is 100% his own tyrant in every way.”

It was noted that as with other PNSO figures the box contained posters, a full-colour booklet and a transparent support stand.

The reviewer added:

“We deserve to treat ourselves by adding him to our collections.”

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PNSO Cameron the Tyrannosaurus rex
PNSO Cameron the Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.

Praise for Everything Dinosaur

The reviewer praised the team members at Everything Dinosaur.

William explained that the legion of paleo-figure collectors truly value all that Everything Dinosaur have done.

He added:

“Purchasing from Everything Dinosaur is fast safe and secure with no nonsense. Within a few minutes of placing an order an email is sent confirming the purchase. Parcels are extremely well packed and despatched rapidly.”

As part of the review, reference was made to the large amount of time Everything Dinosaur spent keeping collectors informed with social media posts. The company’s YouTube videos were highlighted.

To visit the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

William concluded by describing the company as the premier global on-line store, stating that without the presence of Everything Dinosaur collectors would struggle to build up their great model collections.

Our thanks to William for his kind words and for his PNSO T. rex model review.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.