A Beautiful Lambeosaurine Illustration

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Our thanks to Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur and excellent, colourful and highly detailed Lambeosaurine illustration. The anterior portion of the hadrosaur is shown in lateral view. The artist has taken great care to add lots of detail to the animal’s flank and the hatchet-shaped crest has been given a pinkish hue with black highlights.

Caldey's Lambeosaurine illustration
Our thanks to Caldey for sending into Everything Dinosaur a very colourful Lambeosaurine dinosaur illustration. Picture credit: Caldey.

A Lambeosaurine Illustration

The imposing dinosaur has counter shading, and the artist has taken care to depict lots of differently sized scales on the side of the body. A vivid blue strip runs from the eye down to the nostril. The throat has been coloured red. The background colours are muted, drawing the viewer’s eye to the colourful herbivorous dinosaur.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked Caldey for sending in her lambeosaurine illustration and commented.

“It is a wonderful dinosaur drawing. Lambeosaurus is an enigmatic duck-billed dinosaur and Caldey has done a fantastic job recreating this Late Cretaceous herbivore.”