Haolonggood Models and Everything Dinosaur

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Everything Dinosaur team members have created a short video that explains the new strategic relationship with Haolonggood and Haolonggood models. The short video (it is a little over six minutes long), explains that from the middle of September (September 2023), Haolonggood dinosaur figures will be available from Everything Dinosaur.

A strategic relationship with Haolonggood. Video credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Haolonggood Models

The YouTube video includes a formal announcement about the new business relationship. An official certificate is shown. This was presented to the UK-based company by the Chinese manufacturer. The narrator explains that the Haolonggood models will appear on the Everything Dinosaur website next month (September 2023).

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Haolonggood models.  The Tianzhenosaurus pair.
Haolonggood Tianzhenosaurus pair.

Shipment of Haolonggood Figures Expected in September

A spokesperson confirmed that a shipment of Haolonggood figures was due to arrive at Felixstowe on the 8th of September. Nineteen different Haolonggood models were expected. Once these figures had been cleared by customs, the shipment will be put on a lorry and driven to the company’s Cheshire warehouse. These new and exciting dinosaur replicas should be available from Everything Dinosaur by the middle of September.

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The grey Haolonggood model on display.
Edmontonia model in the landscape.

The List of Haolonggood Models Coming into Stock

Here is the full list of Haolonggood figures that are on the first shipment. The figures are the green Dicraeosaurus (Yunmi), Nasutoceratops (Huarong and Yanqing), plus the Ouranosaurus pair. Horned dinosaurs Pentaceratops (LiKui and LiouTang), with the Pachyrhinosaurus pair. Both Apatosaurus figures (ShiJing and HuangXin) are included. Other ornithischians include the two Tianzhenosaurus models and the grey and red Edmontonia figures. The stegosaur pair Wuerhosaurus (ShiYong and JiaoTing) will be joined by the two recently introduced Allosaurus models.

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