New Prehistoric Times Issue 146 Reviewed

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The summer edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine has arrived at Everything Dinosaur. There is certainly a lot going on in issue 146. Tracy Lee Ford provides part two of his excellent feature on dinosaur skin. The focus is on theropods, and he provides a detailed explanation on how integumentary coverings are interpreted from fossilised skin impressions.

A theropod features on the front cover. A magnificent Acrocanthosaurus model painted by Sean Kotz. There is an article “Mud Monster” inside that explains how the figure was painted.

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 146
The front cover of the next issue of Prehistoric Times magazine (issue 146 – summer 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

Thescelosaurus and the Tully Monster

The bird-hipped Thescelosaurus is discussed in an article written by Phil Hore and Gary Vecchiarelli. Several species have been described and this fast-running dinosaur was one of the last dinosaurs to roam the Earth. All fossil material having come from Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian faunal stage) strata.

The Thescelosaurus article contains lots of reader submitted artwork. Our favourites include the illustrations by Bill Unzen, Ethan Martinicky and Nick Papadimitriou. Phil Hore writes about the iconic Tully Monster – Tullimonstrum. Our congratulations to Wade Carmen, Samele Consolo and Mark Massion for their illustrations. A special mention to Diane Ramic for her striking Tullimonstrum and very colourful pink and blue Thescelosaurus.

The Tully Monster motif is continued as Andreas Forrer discusses his own personal experiences hunting for Tullimonstrum fossils and there is an article on a new book that examines the ancient fauna of Australasia.

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

J. R. Lavas continues his long-running series documenting the art of Zdeněk Burian. In issue 146, the focus is on Burian’s illustrations of Cenozoic birds. The detailed and highly informative article features stunning artwork.

"Prehistoric Times" magazine issue 146. An article on the artwork of Burian.
Stunning “terror bird” artwork by Burian. A pair of Phorusrhacos squabble over a recent kill.

Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian

Look out for Burian’s magnificent condor artwork which can be found on page 7 of the magazine.

All the regular articles are included too. Book reviews, news about fossil discoveries and Randy Knol’s regular column outlining developments in the dinosaur model collecting world.

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