New Schleich Dinosaur Models for 2024

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Six new Schleich dinosaur models have been announced for 2024. These six new figures will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur by the middle of December 2023. Technically, these model introductions represent five brand new figures with what looks like to be a new colour version of the Schleich Brachiosaurus.

New Schleich dinosaur models (2024).
Five new Schleich dinosaur models and one repainted Brachiosaurus figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Dinosaur Models

The five new dinosaur figures are:

  • Allosaurus – a Late Jurassic theropod most famously associated with the Morrison Formation.
  • Bajadasaurus – a dicraeosaurid sauropod from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina.
  • Concavenator – a carcharodontosaurid theropod from the famous Las Hoyas fossil site in Spain.
  • Moros intrepidus – a small tyrannosauroid theropod from Cedar Mountain Formation exposures in Utah.
  • Stegosaurus – an armoured dinosaur also most famously associated with the Morrison Formation.

The sixth figure seems to be a new version of the Schleich Brachiosaurus model that was originally introduced in 2017. The Schleich Brachiosaurus figure has been praised for its tactile qualities.

Schleich Brachiosaurus model.
Schleich Brachiosaurus dinosaur model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Schleich Brachiosaurus figure is reputed to be currently the top selling dinosaur model in the Schleich range.

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In Stock at Everything Dinosaur December (2023)

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that all six dinosaur models were due to be in stock by the middle of December (2023).

The spokesperson added:

“Over the autumn season we expect to be able to post up details of other new models from manufacturers. We expect to be able to announce news of new for 2024 Safari Ltd models. Later in the autumn we will be providing details about new figures from CollectA.”

Moros intrepidus

The early Late Cretaceous theropod Moros intrepidus is an interesting choice for Schleich. Named and described in 2019, Moros is known from fragmentary fossils including teeth and hind limb bones. The fossils were found in sediments representing the lower Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation. Palaeontologists estimate that Moros lived around 96 million years ago. The apex predator role was still dominated by allosauroids. It was only later that tyrannosaurs took over the role of apex predators in North America.

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