PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur announces the introduction of a new model into the PNSO mid-size range of replicas – Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.  In a co-ordinated media release with PNSO, our team members are able to post up pictures of this, a most impressive duck-billed dinosaur model, a representation of a hadrosaur that roamed North America during the Late Cretaceous.

The PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.
The stunning new, duck-billed dinosaur figure to be introduced by PNSO.  Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.  The model measures approximately 24.5 cm in length and that wonderful head crest is around 10 cm off the ground.

A Complicated History

The Lambeosaurus genus was formally erected by the Canadian palaeontologist and geologist William Parks in 1923.  The genus name honours another famous Canadian pioneer of palaeontology in the province of Alberta – Lawrence Lambe, who inadvertently contributed to the rather puzzling and complicated assessment of the hadrosaurids of Laramidia, with a number of genera being erected in the early years of the 20th century.  This led to subsequent revisions and reassessments of the wealth of fossil material related to crested hadrosaurs.

Today, three species of Lambeosaurus are recognised by most palaeontologists.  The taxonomic history of the Lambeosaurini tribe is certainly complicated.

The PNSO Lambeosaurus Model (Audrey the Lambeosaurus)

Audrey the Lambeosaurus (PNSO).
A stunning replica of the Late Cretaceous hadrosaur Lambeosaurus from PNSO.

The PNSO Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

The PNSO Lambeosaurus has been painted in subtle green hues with orange and black on that striking head crest.  The body, side of the head, neck, flanks, tail and limbs have a reticulated pattern overlaying the countershading.  PNSO have produced an eye-catching replica of a huge herbivorous dinosaur.

A Close-up View of the Head of the New PNSO Dinosaur Model Audrey the Lambeosaurus

PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus.
A close-up view of the magnificent head crest of Audrey the Lambeosaurus.  The PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model has been beautifully painted.

The Model Measures 24.5 cm Long (Approximately)

The mid-sized range of prehistoric animals made by PNSO has expanded rapidly.  Everything Dinosaur has already produced a number of blog articles announcing new figures in this very popular series.  Team members often get asked to provide a guide as to the scale of a dinosaur figure.  PNSO do not declare a scale for this particular part of their prehistoric animal portfolio and there is some confusion as to which fossil remains represent Lambeosaurus or other closely related genera.

Some scientists have previously stated that Lambeosaurus could have been as long as fifteen metres, but the largest species from Canada have led to more conservative estimates of around nine metres in length.  Based on a nine-metre-long adult specimen, it could be suggested that the PNSO Lambeosaurus is around 1:36 scale.

The Box Art for Audrey the Lambeosaurus (PNSO)

The box for the PNSO Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.
The packaging design for the PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.

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Everything Dinosaur will announce shortly when this wonderful duck-billed dinosaur will be in stock.

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