Papo in Perspective

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Papo in Perspective – Video Review

Everything Dinosaur has worked with the French model and figure manufacturer Papo for many years.  In the UK-based company’s latest YouTube video, Everything Dinosaur, as one of the largest retailers of Papo prehistoric animal models, looks at the recently released Papo Giganotosaurus, explains how to acquire rare Papo models and provides two sure-fire tips to spot a genuine Papo seller.

Putting Papo in Perspective including a Look at the 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Models in Perspective – A Different Type of YouTube Video

Usually, when Everything Dinosaur creates a video, it is a review of a single prehistoric animal figure.  However, the latest video explains what it is like to work with a model making company.  The new for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus model is discussed and shown in detail, information on how to pronounce Giganotosaurus (Gig-ah-note-oh-sore-us) is provided, guidance provided by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) is explained.

How to Pronounce the Name Giganotosaurus

Papo Giganotosaurus model.
How to pronounce the name of this dinosaur (Gig-ah-note-oh-sore-us).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tips on Finding Retired Models

The narrator discusses recent Papo model retirements and explains how Everything Dinosaur keeps the prices of out-of-production replicas reasonable so that collectors can acquire them without having to pay extortionate prices on other websites.  In addition, the narrator acknowledges that dinosaur fans like to get a good look at the actual figure rather than simply relying on the official images sent out by the manufacturer.

Everything Dinosaur’s dedicated team members post up lots of pictures and videos of the actual models on the company’s various social media pages including this blog (see below).

The Papo Parasaurolophus (New Colour Variant) and the Papo Giganotosaurus

Papo Parasaurolophus (new colour variant) and the Papo Giganotosaurus.
The Papo Giganotosaurus and the Papo Parasaurolophus (new colour variant). Photographs of Papo models. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We understand that model collectors and fans of the Papo range, like to see the figures themselves rather than rely solely on the official Papo images.  We take lots of photographs of the new models and figures in our own studio and produce some videos too.  This provides collectors with the opportunity to gain an impression of the actual models.  We also try to photograph new replicas next to other models from the same product range, by doing this, viewers can get a better understanding of the size and potential scale of any figure.”

Visit the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Comparing Figures – The Papo Giganotosaurus and the Papo Brown T. rex

Papo Giganotosaurus and T. rex.
The new for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus is shown next to the popular Papo brown T. rex figure. The Papo Giganotosaurus (left) and the Papo brown T. rex (right). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

How to Spot a Genuine Seller of Papo Models

In Everything Dinosaur’s Papo inspired video, we provide advice on how to spot a genuine Papo seller.  Unfortunately, this popular brand has led to a number of factories copying Papo model designs and offering poor quality figures via dubious websites that have left many model collectors out of pocket and disappointed.

Look for the Correct Papo Logo on Product Images

Spotting a genuine Papo supplier.
How to spot a genuine Papo supplier – look for the correct Papo product logo.  Look for the blue Papo logo. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Checking that the website is using the up-to-date Papo logo helps to verify a genuine supplier.  In the video we also advise viewers to check the site for any customer ratings and reviews.  Everything Dinosaur is the only 5-star, independently rated, specialist seller of prehistoric animal models and figures.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s Papo inspired video, visit our YouTube channel: Subscribe to Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.  We recommend that you subscribe.

To purchase genuine Papo prehistoric animal models from a genuine Papo supplier: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.