“Prehistoric Pets” Puts Palaeontology into Perspective

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Pick Up “Prehistoric Pets” for Christmas

One of the problems we encounter when visiting schools to explain to young people about fossils and ancient life, is that children struggle to grasp the concept of deep time.  The idea that Diplodocus roamed the Earth 150 million years ago can be a challenge when you think that the summer holiday seems to last forever.  In addition, it’s tricky trying to convince an eight-year-old that the beautiful, shiny ammonite fossil that they are holding represents the shell of an animal that once swam in the sea.

If only there was a simple way in which we could get the children to see a link between animals alive today and what occurred in past.  A new book entitled “Prehistoric Pets” written by the talented palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax, provides a fresh perspective, bridging the gap between living animals and their ancient ancestors.

The Front Cover of “Prehistoric Pets” by Dr Dean Lomax and Illustrated by Mike Love

The front cover of "Prehistoric Pets".
This colourful and well-written book takes the reader on a journey back in time, linking common household pets with their prehistoric ancestors.

Picture credit: Templar Books/Everything Dinosaur

Palaeontology Meets Pets

The premise is simple, “Prehistoric Pets” takes the reader on a journey back in time, linking familiar animals with their prehistoric ancestors.  Dr Lomax examines seven of our nation’s favourite pets and uses fossil clues and other evidence to reveal who their animal ancestors were.  Palaeontology meets pets when the evolutionary history of the goldfish is summarised succinctly and with a liberal sprinkling of fishy-themed facts.

The gauntlet is thrown down with readers invited answer to the question “Which prehistoric fish was a Jurassic giant longer than a T. rex?”  The solution presents itself in pop-up form, turn the page and the reader encounters a trio of prehistoric monsters including a huge Leedsichthys (leeds-ick-thus), a fish as long as a humpback whale.

Say Hello to Bubbles the Goldfish and Learn About her Ray-finned Ancestors

A goldfish from the book "Prehistoric Pets".
Did you know that goldfish are social creatures?  The evolutionary history of fish dates back more than 500 million years.

Picture credit: Templar Books/Everything Dinosaur

Incorporating Scientific Terms to Expand the Vocabulary of Young Readers

The beautiful illustrations by Mike Love compliment the copious detail that has been incorporated into this publication.  The text has been laid out in an easy-to-follow and appealing style and we heartily approve of the mix of vocabulary chosen.

Dean Lomax has balanced the need to keep the text easy to comprehend but also slipped in some scientific terms which children will relish.  For example, Jasper the Corn snake is ectothermic and when the weather turns cold in the southern and east-central USA, where these snakes can be found in the wild, these reptiles brumate!  No need to worry, Dr Lomax has made sure that simple explanations of these scientific terms have been provided.

Visit the website of Dr Dean Lomax: Palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax.

Learning Fun Facts About Jasper the Corn Snake

Jasper the corn snake features in the book "Prehistoric Pets"
Scientists think that the first snakes evolved in the Jurassic!

 Picture credit: Templar Books/Everything Dinosaur

Birds and Dinosaurs Feature in “Prehistoric Pets”

Budding young palaeontologists will relish the prospect of learning about Josephoartigasia monesi, (pronounced joseff-oh-arty-ga-see-ah mon-es-ee), a one tonne, giant rodent distantly related to a guinea pig, as well as making the connection between a budgerigar and famous, meat-eating dinosaur Velociraptor.  This is a cleverly constructed publication that will enthral and entertain both young and old readers alike.

A Velociraptor Pops Up!  Velociraptor Demonstrates that Budgerigars are Dinosaurs!

The book "Prehistoric Pets" demonstrates the link between a budgie and a dinosaur!
A non-bird dinosaur Velociraptor.   The book “Prehistoric Pets” demonstrates the link between a budgie and a dinosaur!

Picture credit: Templar Books/Everything Dinosaur

Published by Templar Books and available in a hardcopy format, this eye-catching and humorous book makes an ideal Christmas gift.

For further information about “Prehistoric Pets” and other gift ideas for young readers: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Highly recommended!

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