Last Recommended Posting Dates (Christmas 2020) – Important Information

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Last Recommended Posting Dates (Christmas 2020)

There are just over sixty days until the 25th of December.  We expect that many of our customers have started their Christmas shopping early.  We commend them for their forward planning as during the COVID-19 global pandemic we expect that much more festive season shopping will be carried out on-line.  In addition, given the strain on the world’s logistics, delivery and mail services we strongly advise customers to get their shopping completed early.  We are anticipating a huge surge in parcel shipping over the next few weeks and if customers want to avoid delays, then our advice is to shop early.

Last Recommended Posting Dates

To assist our customers, we enclose the latest information from Royal Mail on the last recommended posting dates for Christmas.

Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2020 (Royal Mail)

Last recommended posting dates for Christmas 2020.
Everything Dinosaur posts up information about the last recommended posting dates for Christmas 2020.  Information provided by Royal Mail.

Table credit: Royal Mail

Please note: the latest recommended posting dates are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change.

Everything Dinosaur team members recommend that in these uncertain times it’s advisable to post as early as possible to ensure your Christmas letters and parcels reach their destination in good time.

Helping to Provide a Stress Free Christmas Shopping Experience

A stress free time shopping for dinosaur themed gifts.
Everything Dinosaur helping to take the stress out of Christmas shopping. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tips and Advice for Sending Christmas Gifts

Everything Dinosaur has increased packing resources to accommodate this busy time of year.  In addition, we have introduced Sunday packing to ensure that parcels can be picked, packed and despatched rapidly.

As always, our enthusiastic and dedicated staff quickly respond to emails  and we have produced a chart providing information on the last safe posting dates for Christmas parcels and gifts sent from the UK overseas (see above).

Here are some tips and advice to ensure you have a happy and stress free mail order experience:

1). Remember to include the house name or house number with the delivery address information that you provide with your order.

2). Check the postcode/zip code with care.

3). Before finally hitting the “submit” button to send an order to Everything Dinosaur, we suggest you check the delivery address for one last time.

4). Remember, with PayPal and our own website’s ordering process, customers can include a message to Everything Dinosaur in the order message box.  You can use this message box to let us know about any special delivery circumstances that you might have.

5). Everything Dinosaur’s website makes it easy for you to specify a different delivery address to your billing address, perhaps you want to send to a relative or even to a work address.

6). If you do decide to send an item to your work address, (assuming that you are not working from home), please ensure that you include the company name in the delivery address information. Please remember to check the postcode or zip code.

7). If you think it will help, you can always specify a neighbour’s address, or a designated safe place where the parcel can be delivered to if you will be out when the delivery is likely to take place.

Our team members are available to provide assistance and further advice, just email: Email Everything Dinosaur.

For all your dinosaur models, toys and gifts visit: Everything Dinosaur’s Website.