Everything Dinosaur Enters into Exclusive Territory Agreement with ITOY Studio

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Everything Dinosaur Enters into Exclusive Territory Agreement with ITOY Studio

Everything Dinosaur has been appointed the exclusive importer of ITOY Studio dinosaur and prehistoric animal models for the European Economic Area (EEA).

A Landmark Agreement

In a landmark agreement between ITOY Studio and the UK-based Everything Dinosaur, collectors of museum quality, detailed scale models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals will be able to purchase the ITOY Studio range directly from Everything Dinosaur.

The first shipment of models including the beautifully detailed ITOY Studio green T. rex complete with its display base are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse around the 10th of November.

The Stunning ITOY Studio Green T. rex Dinosaur Figure

The ITOY Studio Green T. rex Dinosaur Model.
The ITOY Studio Green Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model with an articulated jaw and complete with display base.

The Official Importer of ITOY Studio Prehistoric Animal Models

As Everything Dinosaur is the official importer with responsibility for selling ITOY Studio models in Europe, model collectors will be able to get access to this exciting range via an award-winning, five-star rated supplier.

The Stunning ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Model with an Articulated Jaw

The ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus.
ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model.

In addition, team members have been working closely with ITOY Studio and will be managing product testing for the model range.  Samples of the soon to be introduced Paraceratherium replica have been despatched to Everything Dinosaur’s offices and product testing will then commence.

The Exciting Paraceratherium Replica

ITOY Studio Paraceratherium.
The ITOY Studio Paraceratherium replica.

ITOY Studio and Everything Dinosaur

Once completed and pending statutory approval, customers of Everything Dinosaur will be able to purchase this figure directly from Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur collectors can acquire top quality prehistoric animal models from a top quality supplier.

Commenting on the exclusive territory agreement, Sue Judd of Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We are very proud to have been appointed official importers into the European Economic Area for the ITOY Studio range.”

Sue, who is the Financial Director and nick-named “Tyrannosaurus Sue” added:

“Our customers can be assured that when they are buying from Everything Dinosaur, they are purchasing from one of the most highly rated companies in the world for customer service.  We are continually striving to improve and we are looking forward to the arrival of the first ITOY Studio shipment at our warehouse.”

The ITOY Studio range of prehistoric animal figures are collectables, they are display pieces suitable for 14+ and not dinosaur toys.

ITOY Studio prehistoric animal figures: ITOY Studio Dinosaurs and Models.