The Beautiful PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor Model

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PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor Model

Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the beautiful PNSO Gaoyuan Microraptor model.  This excellent dinosaur figure with its iridescent feathers will be in stock in a few weeks, around the middle of November (2020).  This is the first, of what will be a series of new prehistoric animals introduced by PNSO over the next few weeks and months.

The PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor Model Will Be in Stock at Everything Dinosaur in a Few Weeks

PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor model.
The PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor model.

A Spectacular Model of a Feathered Dinosaur

In 2019, PNSO introduced their first version of this feathered, flying (most probably) dinosaur.  The original Gaoyuan the Microraptor from PNSO is smaller than the new version, it measures a little under eleven centimetres long, whilst the 2020 Gaoyuan is around twenty centimetres in length.

Gaoyuan the Microraptor (2020) A Feathered Dinosaur Model from PNSO

PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor.
The PNSO Microraptor figure, new for 2020 swoops into view.  This is one of the official images sent to Everything Dinosaur by the Chinese company.  The new for 2020 PNSO Microraptor figure is around twice as long as the 2019 PNSO Microraptor model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This figure is slightly longer than the CollectA Deluxe 1:6 scale Microraptor that came into stock at Everything Dinosaur earlier this year.  Both the CollectA Deluxe Microraptor and this new version from PNSO have a twelve centimetre wingspan.  Therefore, although the mid-size models from PNSO do not have a declared scale, it could be suggested that the PNSO Gaoyuan Microraptor model is also around 1/6th scale.

Showing the Back of the Figure to Highlight the Feather Details and the Iridescence of the Plumage

Gaoyuan the Microraptor (posterior view).
The beautifully crafted iridescent feathers on the back of the PNSO Microraptor figure (Gaoyuan the Microraptor).  The view of the back of the model with its outstretched wings showing the amazing feather details and that spectacular iridescence.

PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor with Iridescent Plumage

An analysis of Microraptor fossil feathers undertaken by a joint Chinese and American team in 2012 revealed that this small dromaeosaurid dinosaur had glossy, iridescent feathers, like that of a modern crow (Corvidae).  The study also demonstrated that the narrow tail was adorned with a pair of streamer feathers, suggesting feathers originally evolved for display, rather than flight.  This is the earliest record of iridescence in feathers.

The PNSO Gaoyuan the Microraptor figure reflects the very latest research into this enigmatic member of the Dromaeosauridae.

The PNSO Microraptor Reflects the Very Latest Research into this Dromaeosaurid

PNSO Gaoyuan Microraptor model.
The beautiful PNSO Gaoyuan Microraptor model.  The model reflects the very latest research on the Microraptor genus.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Recently, a scientific paper was published postulating that Microraptor moulted, shedding and replacing its feathers in a very similar fashion to a modern bird.

To read an article about the evidence for sequential moulting in Microraptor (M. gui): Microraptor Moulted Just Like a Modern Bird.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We know that the enthusiastic team at PNSO are working on a number of new dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures at the moment.  With this new Microraptor figure, model collectors have the opportunity to add to their feathered dinosaur model collection.”

This model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur around the middle of November (2020).

Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of PNSO figures, to view the models and to see the first PNSO Microraptor: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.