New Stock of Rebor Replicas and New Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models in Newsletter

Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur’s newsletter service have received information about the arrival of fresh supplies of Rebor figures and replicas.  In addition, our subscribers have been given the opportunity to join Everything Dinosaur’s priority reservation list for the nine, new for 2020, Wild Safari Prehistoric World models.  It is news about the arrival of more of the eagerly anticipated Rebor foetus replicas that have taken top spot in our latest missive.  Both the Rebor Foetus T. rex and the Rebor Foetus Velociraptor have proved extremely popular with model collectors and Everything Dinosaur is offering the pair at a special price whilst stocks last.

Rebor Oddities – Buy the Pair – Making the Headlines

Rebor Oddities foetus replicas.

The pair of Rebor Oddities Foetus replicas – Velociraptor and T. rex.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex “Plain” Colour Variant

The Everything Dinosaur newsletter also reported that more stock of the Rebor Killer Queen “Plain” Tyrannosaurus rex model had arrived.  Team members have been busy emailing all those customers who wanted one of these theropod figures reserving for them.  Waitlist members on the Everything Dinosaur website will have received notifications about this model’s availability too.

The Rebor Killer Queen Colour Variant “Plain” in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Killer Queen - plain colour variant T. rex replica is in stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex model “Plain” is in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view all the Rebor models and prehistoric animal replicas supplied by Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Models and Replicas.

Rebor Oddities – T. rex and Velociraptor Foetuses

For collectors who have been lucky enough to pick up one of the new for 2019 Rebor Oddities foetuses, then do not despair, as our team members have made sure that the Rebor Oddities T. rex foetus along with its counterpart the Rebor Oddities Velociraptor are available separately as well as in a pair.

The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus Foetus (left) and the Rebor Oddities Velociraptor Foetus (right)

The pair of Rebor Oddities, the Velociraptor and the T. rex foetuses.

A pair of Rebor Oddities, the Velociraptor and the T. rex foetuses.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

” We are collectors ourselves so, we try and provide our customers with as much choice as possible.”

The Rebor Scout Series – Melon and Hazelnut

For fans of slightly smaller figures, some good news.  Fresh stocks of the baby Stegosaurus (Melon) and the baby Triceratops dinosaur (Hazelnut) have also arrived at Everything Dinosaur.  These models, in the very successful Rebor “Scout” series have been joined by more models of “Stan”, the Scout series baby Velociraptor model.

The Rebor Hazelnut (Triceratops) and Melon (Stegosaurus) – Baby Dinosaur Models

Rebor Scout Models Hazelnut and Melon.

Rebor Scout Models Melon and Hazelnut.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Priority Reserve List for 2020 Models is Open

Newsletter subscribers have also been given special access to Everything Dinosaur’s priority reserve list for the nine new for 2020 Wild Safari Prehistoric World models from Safari Ltd.  Subscribers have been asked to email the company to join their special, priority reservation list for these new prehistoric animal figures.

The Rebor Scout Series Baby Velociraptor “Stan” and the Chance to Reserve New for 2020 Prehistoric Animal Models

Reserving Wild Safari Prehistoric World figures and the Rebor Scout series Velociraptor "Stan".

The Rebor Scout series baby Velociraptor “Stan” and an opportunity to reserve new for 2020 Wild Safari Prehistoric World prehistoric animal models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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