Major Educational Model Manufacturer Acknowledges the Work of Everything Dinosaur

Safari Ltd of the United States of America, the business behind the Carnegie Collectibles range of scale model dinosaurs has acknowledged Everything Dinosaur’s educational role.  Safari Ltd, who also make the Wild Safari Dinos range of prehistoric animal replicas, has awarded Everything Dinosaur “Safariologist” status.

“Safariologist” Status

Everything Dinosaur Receives Recognition

Everything Dinosaur gains accreditation.

Everything Dinosaur is accredited by Safari Ltd.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd Dinosaur Models

Florida based Safari Ltd, introduced the “Safariologist” concept to highlight some of the educational websites that use the company’s products to help promote creative, imaginative play as well as to educate and inform. Everything Dinosaur is the first specialist dinosaur company to be inducted into the “Safariologist” programme (or program as our American chums call it).

To view the huge range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animals available from Everything Dinosaur: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur, uses a lot of the Safari Ltd products to help educate young children about fossils.  For example, a Wild Safari Dinos ammonite model is used to illustrate what palaeontologists believe Ammonites actually looked like, when we explore fossils with children in Key Stage 1 and 2.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“We are very proud to have received this honour from Safari Ltd.  We use a lot of their models and replicas in our teaching work.  The extensive Safari Ltd catalogue has also proved very useful to us when we come to illustrate articles we write for teachers and home educators about new dinosaur discoveries. We have been delighted to have been able to stock Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World models”