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26 09, 2014

Year 1 Exploring All Things Dinosaur

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Year 1 Children at Altrincham Preparatory School Explore Dinosaurs

Children in Year 1 at Altrincham Preparatory School learned all about dinosaurs and fossils yesterday morning when the school was visited by Everything Dinosaur.  The dinosaur expert showed the children all sorts of fossils and helped them conduct some experiments to see how dinosaurs like Diplodocus and Apatosaurus fed.  The children in 1B and 1E had been studying dinosaurs since the beginning of the autumn term and both classrooms had displays of the children’s hand-writing and dinosaur themed artwork on display.

Everything Dinosaur

Colourful “Plateosaurs” on Display in 1B

Children make a dinosaur themed display.

Dinosaurs made from plates, a wall display featuring Plateosaurus!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Altrincham Preparatory School

Everything Dinosaur’s Work in Schools

To read more about the extensive range of prehistoric animal and dinosaur themed gifts available from Everything Dinosaur including replicas of iconic prehistoric animals that make fantastic teaching aids: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Educational Gifts.

Commenting on their work in schools, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“It was great to see the enthusiastic children and to help them explore dinosaurs and fossils.  The plastic sheet that we brought with us proved invaluable as there were some very hungry Diplodocus dinosaurs in the classroom.”

A Wonderful Day

The teacher of 1E, Mrs Eyley commented that the morning had been wonderful and that they had all benefited from such a hands on, practical experience.  With the help of Mrs Barry (teaching assistant), the children had been learning all about carnivores and herbivores so when the fossil teeth were shown, the class were able to work out which teeth were suitable for feeding on plants and which teeth were those of a meat-eater.

The spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur added:

“When the children go away from this class, they will be able to write about dinosaurs in a more confident manner, using the additional knowledge gained.  Dinosaurs may have lived a long time ago but they still have the ability to inspire and enthuse.”

26 09, 2014

Year 1 Explore Dinosaurs

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Exploring Dinosaurs and Learning How to Eat Like a Diplodocus

Another busy day yesterday for Everything Dinosaur with a visit to Altrincham Preparatory School to work with Year 1.  The children, under the enthusiastic tutelage of their teachers Mrs Bacon and Mrs Eyley had been studying dinosaurs and fossils and a visit from our dinosaur expert helped to reinforce learning.  One of the pupils in the class heralds from Canada, so it was apt to explore the rib bones of an Edmontosaurus (named after the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta).  One of the children in 1E was born in Argentina, so we promised to send out some information on Argentinosaurus, a huge titanosaur, as part of the extension resources.

Exploring Dinosaurs

The children had been busy writing about Diplodocus and our expert was able to see some of the excellent examples of hand-writing, vocabulary use and sentence construction that was on display.

Year 1 Pupils Write About Diplodocus

A "What I am" writing exercise with Diplodocus.

A “what I am?” writing exercise with Diplodocus.

Picture credit: Altrincham Preparatory School/Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

As part of the experiments we conducted, we showed how sauropod dinosaurs like Diplodocus fed and then we looked at some fossilised plants and compared them to living ferns.

To read more about Everything Dinosaur’s school visit: Children Prepare Questions About Dinosaurs.

There was also some wonderful artwork on display in the classrooms of 1B and 1E, the children were keen to demonstrate their knowledge and one young dinosaur fan even brought in a model of a Baryonyx.

Piecing Together a Carnivorous Dinosaur

Meat-eating dinosaurs inspire artwork.

Meat-eating dinosaurs inspire artwork.

Picture credit: Altrincham Preparatory School/Everything Dinosaur

The children and the teaching team really enjoyed the morning and it was great to see so many dinosaur themed examples of work posted up around the classrooms.  We even met one little boy called Owen, so we sent over some information on the anatomist Sir Richard Owen who was responsible for naming the group of animals we know as the Dinosauria.

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