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24 09, 2014

Practical Dinosaur Themed Workshop for Reception

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Tactile Fossil and Dinosaur Workshop Extends Vocabulary

Everything Dinosaur staff are busy carrying out lots of dinosaur and fossil themed workshops as the autumn term gets into full swing.  Dinosaurs and exploring fossils makes an excellent autumn topic for reception aged children, as it encourages lots of creative work and it also leads nicely into some of the science themes outlined as key teaching outcomes in Key Stage 1.

Dinosaur and Fossil Workshops

When working with reception aged children, Everything Dinosaur team members try to help the children gain more confidence in speaking.  We endeavour to engage, inform and to help the children learn about materials and the world around them.  All our teaching plans are focused on achieving desired learning outcomes.  Our work with reception classes yesterday demonstrated this approach as we were asked by the teaching team in the short briefing prior to the teaching to help develop the children’s confidence in using adjectives.

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Could the question of the day be answered – were some dinosaurs huge?

English as an Additional Language

The teaching team very often have to help children who do not have English as a first language.  Children at this age soon pick up language skills and our team members do our best to assist.  The feedback received from yesterday’s visit certainly suggests that all our teaching objectives were met.

Typical Feedback from a Teacher (Reception Class)

Feedback after dinosaur workshop.

Genuine feedback from teachers, teaching assistants and members of the senior leadership team.

Everything Dinosaur is grateful for all the feedback we receive.  Such feedback is always treated in the strictest confidence and we encourage teachers and learning support providers to enquire about extension activities as well as providing us with comments, suggestions and feedback.

We look forward to hearing more from the school as the term topic progresses.

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24 09, 2014

Feedback after Working with EYFS (Reception)

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A Tactile Dinosaur Themed Session Helping to Develop Vocabulary

Everything Dinosaur’s team members are busy with the teaching and other outreach commitments as the autumn term progresses.  Yesterday, Everything Dinosaur was working with a primary school in Merseyside, the aim being to help with the term topic (dinosaurs) by providing an interactive and tactile dinosaur and fossil themed workshop.

Dinosaur Workshop

Could we answer the question of the day – Were some dinosaurs huge?

One of the objectives that was set in the short briefing with the teaching team prior to the first session was to focus on helping to develop vocabulary and to give the children the opportunity to develop a wider range of describing words.

Feedback form from Reception Teacher

Feedback from Primary School (EYFS).

Feedback from Primary School (EYFS).  Feedback about Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Working with children, some of whom do not have English as a first language and who have only just started school, can be quite a challenge.  However, guided by their enthusiastic teachers the children had been undertaking all sorts of exciting exercises and activities to do with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  It seems from the feedback received that Everything Dinosaur had indeed, achieved the learning objectives.

We suggested a couple of extension activities as a follow up to some of the work undertaken in the actual dinosaur themed workshop and we look forward to hearing how the children fared as they explore all things dinosaur!

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