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28 09, 2014

EYFS Teachers Provide Positive Feedback after Special Dinosaur Workshop

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Feedback from Reception Class

A topic about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals can be a great way to help children in the autumn term of Reception move from learning through play to a more diverse range of activities aimed at developing learning skills and meeting individual learning needs.  Children in the Reception classes at Kensington Primary School had been learning all about dinosaurs and a visit from one of Everything Dinosaur’s experts to show them fossils proved to be the highlight of their week.

Positive Feedback

The focus on this very tactile session, was very much on helping to develop vocabulary and confidence in handling unusual objects.  The children were able to make comparisons and use describing words.  There was lots of activities incorporated into the fast paced session and the children (plus the teaching team), really enjoyed helping our dinosaur expert answer the question of the day – “how big were dinosaurs?”

Feedback from the Reception Class Teacher

Feedback from teachers.

Five stars awarded to Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Five Stars for Everything Dinosaur

Whilst we appreciate our star rating system might need a little clarification we were happy to help out at the school and our “5 star” rating was greatly appreciated.

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As part of our support for the school, Everything Dinosaur pretended to have left some dinosaur eggs for the children to discover. Pictures of the eggs along with some describing words were then posted up on the classroom “Wow wall” to help reinforce the learning.

Everything Dinosaur

The dinosaur workshop for the reception class really helped the teaching team animate and bring to life the dinosaur themed term topic.

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28 09, 2014

Positive Feedback from Foundation Class after Special Dinosaur Workshop

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Five Stars for Everything Dinosaur (sort of)

At Everything Dinosaur we encourage teachers to provide our team members with feedback over our visits to schools to teach about dinosaurs.  We conduct dinosaur and fossil workshops from children within the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) right up to students at Key Stage 4.  We are keen to develop our work in schools and museums and we are very grateful for all the feedback that we receive.  Whilst it would be great if teachers could leave feedback and comments on our dedicated teaching website, we do have a section dedicated to this, we do appreciate that sometimes teaching professionals find themselves so busy that this is not always possible.

Everything Dinosaur

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To help overcome this we always carry feedback forms with us when we visit schools, colleges and other institutions.  Being able to provide instant feedback is a great benefit to the teachers, teaching assistants and learning support team members that we work with.

Following our visit to Kensington Primary School to work with Foundation Stage children, we got lots of very positive feedback from the teaching team.  This feedback has already been posted up on our dedicated teaching website, but we thought it would be helpful if we posted up one of the forms from a class teacher here.

Foundation Stage Teacher Praises Everything Dinosaur

5 Stars for Everything Dinosaur.

5 stars for Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Kensington Primary School


We note that our “star rating” system was perhaps a little confusing but the comments are greatly appreciated.

The Foundation Stage teacher commented:

“Excellent resources and modelling of different vocabulary, especially focusing on opposites eg. hard/soft.  Children remained engaged throughout and loved touching the objects.  They were the focus of a lot of discussion throughout the rest of the day.”

Our dinosaur expert talked through a couple of extension activities with the teaching team and we look forward to hearing how the term topic develops.

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