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Social Media and Dinosaurs

Today, is the official first day of autumn in the United Kingdom.  Although our team members spend most of their waking hours discussing the concept of “deep time”, this year seems to have simply whizzed by.  Soon it will be Christmas (just ninety-two days to Christmas, or so we have been reliable informed).  Therefore it is a good time to reflect on our social media targets that were set at the beginning of the year.  On January 8th 2014, Everything Dinosaur staff set out a list of objectives with regards to the company’s social media activities, this list was updated and reviewed again in June.

To view the original article: Our Social Media Plans.

To see the June review: Social Media Performance Review.

Social media can be used for many purposes, we like to pass on helpful tips and advice to our customers.  We also like to post up articles about new dinosaur and fossil discoveries, museum exhibitions, competitions that we run, support schools and teachers and generally engage in two-way communication with our many friends and supporters across the world.  Our team members set targets at the start of the year, let’s see how we are doing.


This is our favourite platform, although Twitter is catching up fast.  Thanks to all those people who have entered our competitions and sent us various drawings and pictures, we have enjoyed seeing these items as they have been posted up onto our Facebook wall.  In terms of “likes” we had a target of 1,200 by the end of 2014, so far we have over 1,265 “likes”.  We are grateful to everyone who has liked our page.  Should we set a new target, how about an additional 100 “likes” by the end of the year?

New target = 1,380 “likes”

You can help us, by visiting Everything Dinosaur on Facebook (click the Facebook  logo below) and “like” the Everything Dinosaur page.

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a "like".

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a “like”.


We love the immediacy of Twitter and we have really enjoyed “Tweeting” to our many friends and fans.  It has been great to correspond with so many helpful, intelligent people and to swap ideas and updates.

Back in January we had the following targets:

  • Tweets: 2,000
  • Followers 250
  • Following 300

So far we have tweeted 1,670 times and we have 255 followers and we are following 278, not many but not too bad considering all the work we do in schools and our other activities.


Everything Dinosaur set the following targets for Pinterest at the beginning of 2014 (revised targets from June in brackets)

  1. 3,000 pins (4,000)
  2. Dinosaur party board
  3. 500 following
  4. 250 followers

As of this week, our Pinterest figures look like this – 4,639 pins with 130 pins on our Dinosaur Party board with a further 143 pins on our commercial board “dinosaur themed gifts”, 570 followers and 495 following.  Everything Dinosaur has already surpassed a number of Pinterest targets for the year, perhaps a total of 5,200 pins by the end of December?

Check out Everything Dinosaur on Pinterest: Everything Dinosaur on Pinterest.

Everything Dinosaur’s Blog

Our web log (this site) is quite big, we are on target to have 2,800 articles on line by the end of the year, we should really post up on our social media platforms that we have passed 2,750 so far.  We try to put up an article, a news story or feature every single day of the year.  We set ourselves an additional target of 1,125 verified comments by the end of 2014, so far we have logged over 1,080, perhaps over the next few months we can achieve our comments target.  In addition, we have also spring cleaned (if that is the right term) our blog site, we have added a site map put up those blog articles that were lost when we upgraded systems and made sure that the archive was up to date.  Not too bad then.


Our video reviews have proved to be very popular, we are very appreciative of all the kind words and positive comments that we have received.  We wanted to upload a number of video reviews of new models this year, we have still got a few to do but we have 90 videos on line at the moment.  We set a target of 800,000 video reviews by the end of the year, it looks like that target is going to be exceeded as we have got 797,000 video views to date, perhaps we should set a new target of 900,000 by December 31st 2014.  Our subscriber numbers continue to increase we have over 1,030 at the moment.

We are truly grateful for all the comments, suggestions, feedback, unboxing videos, likes that we receive etc..  We can’t stress enough how important they are to us.

Visit Everything Dinosaur on YouTube: Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube Channel.

In addition to all our social media activities, we have been able over the last month or so, to establish a bespoke website aimed at helping teachers, learning support providers and homeschoolers teach about dinosaurs and fossils.  This new site contains lots of free resources to help this teaching work, as well as articles, features and advice from other teaching professionals.  Thanks to the support that we receive on our social media platforms we have been able to introduce this new website.

New Dinosaurs for Schools Teaching Website has been Launched

Teaching tips, articles, resources and free downloads.

Teaching tips, articles, resources and free downloads.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 To visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

Our thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey.