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20 09, 2014

A Dinosaur Egg Hunt

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Key Stage 1 Learn All About Dinosaurs

Pupils at St. Joseph and St. Bede R. C. Primary were certainly very enthusiastic as they explored dinosaurs and fossils with Everything Dinosaur.  The day was spent working with Key Stage 1 learning about fossils, what they are, how they feel and what they can tell us about animals and plants that lived in the past.  There was certainly a lot to see and do.  Indeed,  there were some amazing questions as well, hopefully we managed to get them all answered.   Mrs Ellison (class teacher), commented that one of children in her class had exclaimed as they returned to the classroom:

“That was awesome!  Everything Dinosaur let me touch and hold real fossils”.

Learn All About Dinosaurs

One of the things that we explained to Mrs Myerscough’s class (Year 2), was that dinosaurs hatched from eggs.  There is lots of fossil evidence to suggest that some dinosaurs were actually very caring and dedicated parents.  Dinosaurs made nests and even brooded their eggs to help keep them safe.  Once the babies had hatched, many different types of dinosaurs (even the fat ones Archie), took great care of their offspring, looking after them and bringing food to them whilst they stayed in the nests.  Fossil record evidence suggests that many dinosaurs looked after their offspring just as well as many types of birds do today.

A Feathered Dinosaur Protects One of its Brood

A feathered ornithomimid dinosaur.

Mums and Dads with wings in the Ornithomimidae.

Picture Credit: Julius Csotonyi

We Have Lost Some Eggs

Trouble is, with so many fossils and other things to transport to and from the school, we seem to have lost some dinosaur eggs.  It had been our intention to show the children in Miss Lowe’s class the dinosaur eggs.  We wanted to explain to Mrs Ellison’s pupils what a dinosaur nest might have looked like. We were hoping that the children in Mrs Myerscough’s class would have been able to handle the eggs and compare them to the fossils, but now our eggs seem to have disappeared…

The person in charge of Everything Dinosaur, “Tyrannosaurus Sue” said:

“Oh dear, we are all very worried about our missing eggs, I have asked all the team members in the company to search for them in our warehouse.  I suppose you could say that I have sent them all off on a dinosaur egg hunt.  So far we have not been able to find them, I do hope our dinosaur eggs are going to be OK and that they are being looked after.”

Are the Missing Dinosaur Eggs with our Fossil Dinosaur Eggs?

Paper mache dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur eggs made from a balloon covered in paper mache.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Hope to Find the Eggs Soon

Hopefully, we will be able to find the dinosaur eggs soon.

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20 09, 2014

Autumn Edition of Prehistoric Times

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Issue 111 (Autumn 2014) on its Way

The front cover of the next edition of Prehistoric Times depicts a dramatic scene.  A flock of Dromaeosaurs are attacking and over powering an ornithopod.  We suspect that this is an interpretation of a fossil site whereby the carcases of a number of ferocious dinosaurs called Deinonychus were found in close proximity to the body of a much larger, herbivorous Tenontosaurus.  The scene was created by the highly talented Julius Csotonyi (interview with him in this magazine), it shows a group of Utahraptors overpowering a Hippodraco.  It is a digital painting created in 2013.

Prehistoric Times

Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Autumn 2014)

Prehistoric Times magazine.

Prehistoric Times magazine.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

To read more about Prehistoric Times and to subscribe: Prehistoric Times Magazine.

What a dramatic and beautifully crafted scene depicted on the front cover of the autumn edition.  We note also that the film “Dinosaur 13” will be discussed, we look forward to reading this article, after all, we had a small role in the pre-publicity with regards to this movie that hit selected cinema screens in August.  There is also an interview with the very talented Julius Csotonyi.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur had the great honour of reviewing Julius’s latest book earlier this year “The Palaeoart of Julius Csotonyi” and what an excellent publication it is to.  On the subject of excellent publications, we are really looking forward to the next edition of Prehistoric Times.

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