Wild Safari Dinosaurs Ammonite Model – A Video Review

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Video Review of Ammonite Model

Safari Ltd have introduced a replica of an ammonite into their Wild Safari Dinosaurs model range.  This model series certainly has a lot more than just dinosaur models to offer collectors and this new ammonite replica is a welcome addition.

In this short video review (six minutes and twelve seconds long), Everything Dinosaur discusses the merits of this model and explains why its introduction will prove very helpful to teachers and fossil collectors.

Wild Safari Dinosaurs Ammonite

Wild Safari Dinosaurs Ammonite Model Reviewed

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Although the soft parts of members of the Ammonoidea are virtually unknown in the fossil record, this replica reflects what palaeontologists actually think that the soft tissues of ammonites looked like. From the front the animal looks quite foreboding with its two long tentacles and eight muscular arms.  Imagine how you would feel if a three-metre-long specimen came hurtling towards you out of the dark waters – very scary!

The Wild Safari Dinosaurs ammonite model and the rest of the Safari Ltd prehistoric animal model range can be seen here: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Dinos Models and Figures.

This ammonite model is great for use in schools as a teaching resource and it will also find a role in helping to explain ammonite fossils in museum display cases.