New Papo Dilophosaurus Video Review

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Papo Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Model – A Video Review

With the introduction of the second Papo prehistoric animal figure for 2014, it is time to get the camcorder out again and to produce a video review of this new addition to Everything Dinosaur’s range.  In this short video, we reveal a surprise about this dinosaur model and comment on how this replica reflects the known Dilophosaurus fossil material.

Papo Dilophosaurus

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The video lasts for five minutes and ten seconds, we examine the model in a little more detail.  Naturally, the Everything Dinosaur team members focus on those bizarre crests, after all, the name Dilophosaurus does mean “double crested lizard”.  The pose of the model is discussed as is the colouration, on what is an excellent new addition to the Papo prehistoric animals model range.

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