Beautiful Soft Toy Dinosaurs Help Foundation Stage Children

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Learning  Skills with Dinosaurs – Achievosaurs

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, with their teaching and educational backgrounds have helped teachers and teaching assistants to develop all sorts of innovative learning materials for use in schools at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  For example, a large number of schools rely on Everything Dinosaur to supply the soft toys used in the Achievosaurs learning concept.  However, as manufacturers change product lines so some of the soft toys used in the original scheme of work are no longer available.  Not to worry, as Everything Dinosaur specialises in dinosaur toys, the company has a huge range of inexpensive, soft toy dinosaurs to help teachers in the classroom.

Dinosaur Soft Toys

Some of the Original Prehistoric Animal Soft Toys Used in the Achievosaurs Teaching Concept

Some of the original "Achievosaurs".

Some of the original “Achievosaurs”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“The Achieveosaurs”

Children in Foundation Stage or Early Years education can gain important life lessons by being introduced to key learning skills at a young age.  Many schools include a drive to develop learning skills with students as part of a co-ordinated plan to improve life-long learning.  Essentially, the Achievosaurs, or as they are sometimes called “the Achieveosaurs”, with the extra “e”, aims to teach children about positive ways in which they can improve their ability to learn.

Qualities such as being persistent and not giving up too easily, being prepared to ask questions and to share thoughts and ideas.  The children are rewarded by being able to look after a dinosaur soft toy which epitomises the learning skill that they have just demonstrated.

Many schools adopt the Achievosaurs concept across all their classes in EYFS through to Key Stage 1, it often ties in with a term topic covered by the children in Year 1 and 2 which enables them to study dinosaurs and fossils.

Some of the key learning skills covered by the dinosaur soft toys in the Achievosaurs teaching concept:

  • ASKARAPTOR – I can use my imagination and ask interesting questions (based on a “raptor” dinosaur such as Velociraptor or Utahraptor regarded as some of the more intelligent and agile of all the dinosaurs)
  • SOLVEOSAURUS REX – I can solve problems and improve (based on T. rex the most famous dinosaur of all)
  • TRYCERATOPS – I try new things, don’t give up and work really hard (based on Triceratops, a very well-known horned dinosaur with three horns)
  • STICKASAURUS  – I stick at tasks and persevere (based on Stegosaurus a popular, plant eating dinosaur with plates on its back)
  • THINKODOCUS – I think carefully about what I learn (based on the big, plant-eating dinosaur called Diplodocus)
  • SHAREOSAURUS – I share my ideas and can work well with others (based on the Spinosaurus)

These important skills can help prepare young minds for learning later on in life.  Teaching teams can come up with their on variants and new additions, however, the trouble is, finding soft toys that represent the likes of Diplodocus, Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.  This is where our experts at Everything Dinosaur can help, they not only can advise about educational matters but guide teachers through our extensive range of prehistoric animal soft toys.

To view the range of prehistoric animal soft toys: Prehistoric Plush and Dinosaurs.

In addition, when Everything Dinosaur supplies prehistoric animal soft toys, a fact sheet on the particular dinosaur represented by the plush is included.

A Download is Available from Everything Dinosaur on the Achievosaurs

Helping to encourage learning skills.

Helping to encourage learning skills. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

With the advice and support of Everything Dinosaur’s trained specialists, teachers can utilise a child’s fascination with prehistoric animals to help reinforce important lessons.  Enthusing and motivating children to learn by utilising dinosaur soft toys in school.

A spokes person for Everything Dinosaur commented:

“With all the workshops and teaching activities that we deliver in schools, it was only natural that teachers and learning support providers came to us to help develop innovative ways of getting important messages about learning across to children.”

To learn more about Everything Dinosaur’s extensive product range visit: Everything Dinosaur.