Wonderful Dinosaur Summer Party Fun

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Giant Inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex

Get into the summer party mood with this super-sized, inflatable T. rex from Everything Dinosaur.  This inflatable dinosaur stands an impressive 1.83 metres (six feet) tall when inflated and is bound to make young dinosaur fans roar with excitement.

Everything Dinosaur

Six Foot Tall Inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex

Just add air for lots of dinosaur fun.

Just add air for lots of dinosaur fun.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex

This giant dinosaur inflatable can be blown up by a foot pump, a hand pump or good, old fashioned, lung power.  On test, our friendly dinosaur enthusiasts were able to blow it up in about five minutes or so.  This makes a super addition to a dinosaur party, or indeed for use in schools when Reception/Foundation stage children are learning all about dinosaurs.  It was pointed out to us, that this inflatable is actually taller than every member of the Everything Dinosaur team.

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It certainly is an impressive dinosaur.  Palaeontologists have calculated the growth rate of dinosaurs and they too, just like us, had growth spurts.  Tyrannosaurus rex babies probably grew very quickly in their first few years, after all, small dinosaurs could have ended up as lunch for bigger dinosaurs.  From hatching, Tyrannosaurus rex probably reached a length of around two metres within the first year of its life, still, it had a long way to go to reach the 13-14 metre giant that some tyrannosaur fossils indicate.

Inflatable T. rex from Everything Dinosaur

Six foot high inflatable T. rex

Six foot high inflatable T. rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

With the debate regarding whether or not dinosaurs were warm-blooded (endothermic) or cold-blooded (ectothermic) or indeed somewhere in between (mesothermic) likely to continue for a very long time, at least young dinosaur fans can relax on the beach with a giant inflatable dinosaur to keep them company.