A Review of Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Performance

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An Update on Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Activities

The first five months of 2014 have whizzed by and Everything Dinosaur team members have been as busy as ever working with schools and museums.  The company’s new school website is progressing well and it should go live shortly, there are lots of new prehistoric animal models coming in the near future and the staff have been kept very busy packing and despatching orders to customers all over the world.

Social Media Activities

However, we remain committed to keeping up a dialogue with all our chums on various social media,  so with five months gone, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on our social media targets that were set at the turn of the year, time to see how we are progressing.

As part of our New Year predictions, team members outlined the plans and targets for Everything Dinosaur’s social media activities over the next twelve months or so, these included the following:

Blog – to post up at least 365 articles in 2014.

So far we have posted up an article each day for the whole of the first part of 2014.  This means that an additional 151 articles have been added to the Everything Dinosaur blog.  The Everything Dinosaur web log now has a total of 2,641 published articles, making it one of the largest blogs of this type around.

Ezine – to have 685 articles posted up on this platform by the year end.

Not too bad progress on this one.  To date 575 articles have been published on Ezine.  Each article is different, carefully researched and submitted in its own right.  We have another six months or so to write 110 further articles.  There is a bit of work required to hit our target but if we keep persevering this target is definitely achievable.  In total we are currently at 83% of this rolling target.

YouTube – to have produced another 35 videos and seen viewing figures go over the 800,000 mark in total

So far, another fourteen videos have been added this year.  Everything Dinosaur has nearly nine hundred subscribers and nearly 700,000 video reviews.  With more videos planned in the next fortnight or so, we should achieve around thirty-five videos for the year, taking our video count to well over one hundred.  Video reviews are planned for more Collecta models as well as for further additions to the Papo dinosaur model range.  If our viewing figures continue the way they are we should get over 800,000 video reviews by the end of the year.

Pinterest – to have over 3,000 pins up on the Everything Dinosaur boards by December 31st 2014

Team members have made a special effort in May to pin up more of our dinosaur and prehistoric animal images from our archives.  After a really big push in May, we have not got over 3,000 pins up, which is a terrific effort. This target has been achieved, perhaps 4,000 by the end of 2014?

Facebook – 1,200 likes and to continue to post up pictures, articles, snippets and so forth to encourage lively debate.

Lots of lively debate on Facebook that’s for sure.  We really do appreciate all the contributions from everybody involved and we have clocked up 1,165 likes which is a terrific score.  We are grateful for every “like” that we receive.  Look out for more free downloads, competitions and updates on our Facebook page.

Click the Facebook Logo Below to Visit Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a "like".
Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a “like”.

We are just thirty-five “likes” off our 2014 target, we will keep working hard, replying to every comment we receive and providing lots of information and advice.  Hopefully, we will get to our target shortly.

Twitter – 2,000 tweets

We have posted something like 1,115 tweets and we have several hundred followers which has made us very “chuffed” to say the least.  We should have 2,000 plus tweets posted by the end of the year.

Team members will continue to monitor our progress on social media, the new school web site has links to our twitter, pinterest and Facebook so this should give our work with schools greater exposure on social media.  This new site should have a positive impact on Everything Dinosaur’s various social media campaigns.  Let’s see how things look at the end of the year.

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