Prehistoric Kingdom – Exciting Prehistoric Theme Park in Development

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Prehistoric Theme Park Management Simulation – “Prehistoric Kingdom”

For anyone with a hankering to construct their own prehistoric theme park, then it seems you are not alone, as a team of dedicated dinosaur fans are busy creating a park management simulation game that will enable you to build the dino park of your dreams!

Based on an island, (a sensible precaution considering what can happen when dinosaurs get hungry), the concept of the game is simple, develop, maintain and sustain your very own prehistoric park.

One of the Images that Highlight the Approach to the Theme Park Island

Fantastic graphics!

Fantastic graphics!

Picture credit: Prehistoric Kingdom

Prehistoric Kingdom

The dedicated and highly talented team behind plans to develop this not for profit simulation game have been busy sorting out which dinosaurs are going to be included in the game matrix.  Expect some non-dinosaurian animals too, we heard mention of a Sabre-toothed cat as well as pterosaurs and marine reptiles.  Looks like budding dinosaur theme park managers are going to have their work cut out dealing with such an extensive inventory of once extinct creatures.

Max Wood (Public Relations Manager at Prehistoric Kingdom), explains:

“Prehistoric Kingdom is a Indie developed project looking to make its stamp on the Tycoon genre with its free build system and endless customisation options.  If you dream it you should be able to build it.  Over the past couple of weeks the project has taken several steps in the right direction towards a successful kick starter campaign.  Those advances would include polishing of the tech demo island , finalising a creature roster and getting fan feedback on numerous discussions.  Everyone on the development team is excited to also announce that we have begun creation of a official Prehistoric Kingdom trailer highlighting future announcements and ideas.”

The game design and programming team working in conjunction with the animators have been building a number of different prehistoric habitats for the park’s animals to explore.  Different types of creature are going to require different environments, but all the locations are going to need security, park managers will need to think carefully about how the security of the park is going to be developed (lesson for John Hammond, the CEO and creator of Jurassic Park, here we think).

Development of a Variety of Environments within Prehistoric Kingdom

A peaceful scene in the prehistoric kingdom.

A peaceful scene in the prehistoric kingdom.

Picture credit: Prehistoric Kingdom

Max went on to add:

“This is a exciting time for everyone and anyone that follows the project as updates come in around the clock.  The future of Prehistoric Tycoons is closer then you think!”

One of the trial habitats currently in development is a relatively open, wooded area with access to a large lake.  Conifers dominate the tree population with the under storey consisting of tree ferns such as cycads.  This environment provides plenty of grazing and browsing opportunities, perhaps this could be a good location to site the Sauropoda, along with stegosaurs.

 One of the Trial Habitats with Abundant Plant Food Resources

An example of an environment ideal for "niche partitioning".

An example of an environment ideal for “niche partitioning”.

Picture credit: Prehistoric Kingdom

A number of scientists have been exploring dinosaur dominated ecosystems, such as that preserved in the famous Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation (Alberta, Canada).  We know that a number of large, herbivorous dinosaurs happily co-existed and it is very likely that each type of dinosaur specialised in feeding on certain types of plants.  Armoured dinosaurs were probably grazers, whilst ceratopsians, the horned dinosaurs, were probably low browsers of bushes, cycads and trees.  Hadrosaurs, as facultative bipeds, were probably specialised high browsers, content to feed on the branches of trees that other herbivores could not reach.  This concept of different feeding specialisations within a habitat is called “niche partitioning”.

With Prehistoric Kingdom, gamers will have the chance to create their own combinations of fauna and flora.

Prehistoric Kingdom Logo

Click the logo image to visit the Prehistoric Kingdom website.

The Prehistoric Kingdom logo.

Picture credit: Prehistoric Kingdom

The concept for this simulation can be described as – a land lost by time, an island long forgotten with potential untapped.  There are no limits, no boundaries, just pure creativity.  Build the theme park of your dreams with creatures ranging across several geological periods.

Expect Jurassic Theropods to Feature

Comparing Ceratosaurus figures.

Comparing the PNSO Ceratosaurus dinosaur model with the CollectA Deluxe Ceratosaurus.  Typical Jurassic theropods. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For dinosaurs and prehistoric animal figures: Models of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is an impressive project being developed by a highly talented team.  To keep the prehistoric kingdom a success, participants are going to have to consider a variety of management as well as animal welfare issues.  We welcome such activities as games such as this help to inform and educate as well as to entertain.”